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Tile Care & Maintenance

Ceramic tile is easy to maintain.

Regular Clean-Up

To maintain your tile, all you need to do is vacuum or sweep regularly to remove surface dirt. Then hand wash or damp mop your floors with a mild detergent suitable for ceramic floors as needed to keep them clean.

Grout Sealing

Your grout should be sealed shortly after installation and approximately every six months thereafter to keep it looking good.

Grout Cleaning

If your grout becomes stained or discolored, you can revive it by soaking it with a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide in equal parts.

Chipped or Cracked Tiles

Chipped or cracked tiles may be replaced by removing the surrounding grout and prying out the damaged tile. A new matching tile may then be set in its place and regrouted. It is important to keep extra matching tiles leftover from your installation so you have a match should you need a replacement.

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