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Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful for many years.

Regular Maintenance

Keep your hardwood floors clean of dirt and dust by sweeping with a soft broom or vacuuming with a soft floor attachment. Regular vacuuming or sweeping will reduce grit and debris that will damage your floors over time. In addition, you should periodically clean your floors with a cleaning products recommended for wood floors. Never wet mop or soak your wood floors. A damp cloth is the most moisture you should use to clean your floor.

Clean up Spills Promptly

Clean up spills promptly with a clean, damp cloth. Any moisture that soaks into the wood will cause damage, so prompt attention to liquid spills is critical. Some common methods to mitigating any potential damage due to excessive moisture are: Immediate removal of large spills with wet vac, vigorously scrub surface floor with a cleaner (Important: one that doesn’t create suds!) until the remnants of the spill are gone, treat with wood cleaner, dehumidify the room, and properly aerate the room. If this is not enough, you will have to contact a hardwood flooring specialist. America’s Finest Carpet would be happy to assist you

Use Throw Rugs

Area rugs can help protect your floors from scratching and water damage. They are especially useful in entryways, high traffic areas, and in front of sinks. Not only that, the right area rug can add just the right splash of color and flair to a tastefully decorated hardwood room. America’s Finest Carpet also has a diverse and vast array of stylish area rugs from modern contemporary to timeless classics.

Use Furniture Pads

Use felt protectors under furniture legs to prevent dents and scratches. Replace them whenever they become dirty to prevent grit from scratching your floors.

Ban Cleats and Heels

Leave your soccer cleats and high heels at the door. Anything with a sharp point will dent your floor when weight is applied to it. If your hardwood floors lie in a high traffic area like your main entryway, consider an area rug or a mat to dampen the impact of cleats and heels

Lift, Don’t Slide

When moving objects over your floor, pick them up rather than sliding or dragging them to prevent scratching

Keep It Humid


Too much humidity can be a bad thing for your hardwood floors if there’s enough moisture build up, however, not enough can be just as bad. If your home is dry in the winter, using a humidifier may help prevent cracking and gaps between planks.

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