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Awards and Associations

America's Finest Carpet Company Awards and Associations

Americas Finest Carpet – Awards

America’s Finest Carpet works hard to deliver the best service to its customers, so we’re proud to be recognized for excellence in customer service. Our team of dedicated office staff, sales representatives, and executive management have contributed to our overall success.

BBB Accredited

BBB ensures that high standards for trust are set and maintained. We exist so consumers and businesses alike have an unbiased source to guide them on matters of trust.

Angie’s List

The Super Service Award is earned by companies that achieve and maintain a superior service record on Angie’s List.

Fabulous Floors Magazine

FABULOUS FLOORS is the first consumer magazine devoted solely to flooring styles as a key element in home décor.

America’s Finest Carpet – Associations

America’s Finest Carpet believes supporting flooring trade associations are an important part of advocating for our industry. With that, we are proud to be members of:

Mohawk Mohawk

Mohawk is Mohawk’s flagship retail store. It is a state-of-the-art retail floor covering showroom, which offers the most extensive selection of the products and services Mohawk offers to consumers.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing, a full service digital marketing agency in the greater Philadelphia area, delivers industry leading marketing, web, and mobile experiences through strategy, design, and technology. Mobile Marketing has an experienced and trusted team of digital thinkers, consultants, marketers, information architects, and well-rounded experts.