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Carpet Installation in San Diego

Learn important tips for managing your carpeting installation.

Carpet installation is best handled by professional installers who have the equipment and experience to do it well. The following tips will help you ensure that your installation goes smoothly with no unwelcome surprises.

While Shopping

Be sure to ask what is included in the installation price of your new carpet. Does it include tear-out and disposal of your existing flooring? Who is responsible for moving furniture? What is your installer’s anticipated lead time?

Preparing for the Big Day

You can make installation day go faster and more smoothly by properly preparing the room. This may include removing some furniture items, depending on your arrangement with the installer. You should also remove everything else from the room that you can and store it out of the way of the action. This includes phones, TVs and other items that are hard wired or plugged in. When the room is emptied of everything you’re removing, thoroughly vacuum to minimize dirt and dust during the installation of your new carpet.

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